I created a backup of all my databases using mongodump command. Now I want to restore a specific database using mongorestore command.

How is this possible, I use this command: --db option then mongodb doesn't restore a specific database.

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To restore a single database you need to provide the path to the dump directory as part of the mongorestore command line.

For example:

# Backup the training database
mongodump --db training

# Restore the training database to a new database called training2
mongorestore --db training2 dump/training

The --db option for mongodump specifies the source database to dump.

The --db option for mongorestore specifies the target database to restore into.


Use the following command to restore mongo db:

mongorestore -d dbname dbpath
$ mongorestore --drop -d <database-name> <dir-of-backup-files>
  • --drop Drop is necessary if you are replacing an existing db
  • -d <database-name> The name of the database to create/replace
  • <dir-of-backup-files> For some reason this is necessary even if it's the current directory

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Reference: https://coderwall.com/p/3hx06a/restore-a-mongodb-database-mongorestore


Restoring using mongorestore

After making sure that mongod and mongo are running, go to the dump's parent directory in a new terminal. And use the command mongorestore dump. Where dump is the folder name in which the database dump is present.

Restoring using mongorestore


Maybe slightly unrelated, but based on the answers here i got the following

Using mongodump and mongorestore archive feature I comprised a oneliner:

mongodump --host H --port P --username U --password PWD --archive | mongorestore --username U1 --password PWD1 --archive

The above example will :

  1. Dump data from host H with port P logged in with user U and password PWD
  2. "Stream" that data into your local database with user U1 and password PWD1

In case you are restoring from an archive, --db won't work.

From the mongodb docs:

The use of --db and --collection options are deprecated when restoring from a directory or an archive file.

So if you are restoring from an archive (--archive) you should add this:

--nsFrom="ORIGINAL_DB_NAME.*" --nsTo="NEW_DB_NAME.*" 

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