Is the only difference between

ALTER INDEX [index_name] on [object_name] REBUILD with (ONLINE=OFF, FILLFACTOR=90)


DBCC DBREINDEX([dbname], 90) 

just that the DBCC command will reindex all of the indexes on all of the tables in the database?


The DBCC command is a consistency checker utility inside of SQL Server whereas ALTER is a DDL SQL command. The DBCC REINDEX command was deprecated in a previous version so it is not as robust as the new ALTER INDEX command is today. There is more functionality in the ALTER INDEX than the DBCC REINDEX commands:


Happy indexing!

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  • I assumed as much, but just wanted to make sure. – swasheck Jan 23 '12 at 20:54

The first is current usage, the second was deprecated in SQL 2005.

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