We have a slow overnight process which I was asked to look at with the top waits being PAGEIOLATCH_SH and WRITELOG

I have been collecting information from sys.dm_io_virtual_file_stats and can see that I have extremely high readIOStalls but with a low latency of 13ms. The same is also true for the log file in that it has a large amount of writeIOStalls but with a latency of 1ms

I also collected some memory information and PLE was in the thousands on average with this being a 32GB system I would expect that apart from in one 30min period where it drops right down to 30 before climbing sharply again, at this time lazy write/sec increases to 50 also before reducing to 0.

My question is I would have expected high IO stalls to have associated high latency values. With this not being the case is the issue memory related or could it be a blocking issue, which direction do I go with this?

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