I have a server I have just restarted and verified which trace flag are active using DBCC TRACESTATUS:

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Trace Flag : 3688 Function: Removes messages to errorlog about traces started and stopped

Here you can see what each trace flag does.

Flag 3688

The start parameters are as follows:

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How can I find what the startup parameters of the SQL Server services are, through T-SQL?

  • And (for my own forgetful memory) that dialogue box is in “Sql Server Configuration Manager”: SQL Server configuration Manager > SQL Server Services. R-click SQL Server (INSTANCE) > Properties > Startup parameters. – woter324 Sep 13 '17 at 8:13

In SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 or later, this is made considerably easier via the sys.dm_server_registry DMV:

FROM sys.dm_server_registry AS DSR
    DSR.registry_key LIKE N'%MSSQLServer\Parameters';

From: An easier way to get SQL Server startup parameters


If you are using 2008 R2 and above(I can see you tagged question as SQL Server 2014) you can use DMV sys.dm_server_registry to get all information about registry values for SQL Server.

Just go to SSMS and run below

select * from sys.dm_server_registry

If you want to filter out parameters related to SQL Server startup

SELECT r.registry_key, r.value_name, r.value_data
FROM sys.dm_server_registry r
WHERE r.registry_key LIKE N'%MSSQLServer\Parameters'

You can find similar blog related to what you were asking.

You can also use undocumented xp_reagread command

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