When using SSIS with Oracle database, it seems to always assume that a VARCHAR2 maps to a DT_STR. However, if my Oracle encoding is set to AL32UTF8, I should be able to store any unicode character in a VARCHAR2, right? Is there any way to force SSIS to map an Oracle VARCHAR2 to a DT_WSTR? Should there be?

I looked up a few other questions on this, but nothing seems to address it.

I have a data source that has many columns as DT_WSTR, and I want each to go into a VARCHAR2 column without having to convert every column.


Looks like I need to be careful to specify my column length in CHAR. For example, Instead of VARCHAR2(255), I need to ensure it is VARCHAR2(255 CHAR). If I do this, SSIS sees it as DT_WSTR.

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    Be aware that if you have existing scripts with VARCHAR2(255), you can do an ALTER SESSION to set NLS_LENGTH_SEMANTICS to CHAR and then run them to get character rather than byte semantics. That's easier than manually editing bunches of scripts. – Justin Cave Sep 9 '15 at 15:40

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