How can I force users to change their password at next login? I want all my user change their password at next login to choose new password with new policy.

user must change password at next login is disable and just can be enable for new logins.

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If you are creating a new login you have that option of " enforcing users to change the password at next login" from windows policies. Therefore for To force a user to change password at next login, the sql login should be created with "Enforce Password policy" checked.

If you go back into this newly created login later, and look at the boxes, only 2 options are available to be checked. The “User must change password at next login” is grayed out.

In order to access the box and force a password change, you need to change the password. The reason is that if the account is compromised, the hacker should not be the one to set a new password. The security model assumes the administrator can contact the legitimate owner offline and give them the new password.

You can refer here for same as well.

  • This seems to explain well the current behaviour. Still, the question was not "why can't I..." but "how can I...".
    – Andriy M
    Sep 14, 2015 at 12:24

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