Can a SQL Server 2005 msdb database be restored as a User database on another instance (same Build)?

"Why?" you ask: I need a list of the mail items that existed prior to installation of two service packs .. the list was deleted (msdb.dbo.sysmail_delete_mailitems_sp) in order to address a post-install storm of mail messages.

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Yes, you can, even on the same instance.

-- I assume you've already done something like this:
BACKUP DATABASE msdb TO DISK = '<backup_location>\msdb.bak' WITH INIT;

RESTORE DATABASE msdb_copy FROM DISK = '<backup_location>\msdb.bak'
  MOVE 'MSDBData' TO '<data folder>\msdb_copy.mdf',
  MOVE 'MSDBLog' TO '<data folder>\msdb_log.ldf';

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