We have a function that executes dynamic SQL (I know, SQL injection, the "Bobby Tables" attack, but that's a separate issue). It takes two parameters, interpolates the first into the second, and returns a boolean.

When we execute it like this:


then it works fine. It puts the 'M' in where the INPUT_VALUE is, finds it in table x, and returns true.

If we execute it like this:

    FROM some_table limit 1;

then it returns false. some_table can be any table, the thing is that when there's a FROM, it doesn't work.

Any suggestions why? And no, sorry I can't post the code of the dynsql function.

If the second parameter does not contain a SELECT, if it's a comparison or regex, then it works. It seems that a SELECT in dynamic SQL doesn't work in a query from a table, but does work in a query that isn't from a table.

This is on Greenplum, which doesn't have parameterized dynamic SQL, that was introduced in PostgreSQL 8.4 and Greenplum is build on Postgres 8.2.

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    without seeing util.dynsql it is going to be next to impossible to know what is happening. – Max Vernon Sep 29 '15 at 15:03
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    I agree with @MaxVernon. On the other hand, if that mysterious function works as you describe, there are chances it doesn't have to be dynamic at all. I'm voting to close this as too localized. – dezso Sep 29 '15 at 20:26
  • I disagree. If someone happened to know that what I am trying to do is impossible in Greenplum, then it would be obvious from my question. – PhilHibbs Sep 30 '15 at 10:46
  • Can someone clarify the "too localized" for me - is this because Greenplum is not popular here? – PhilHibbs Sep 30 '15 at 14:13
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    I believe the community voted to close this as too localized because the answer would seem to depend on the operation of a function they had no insight to. So, it was more about the clarity of the question than the popularity or otherwise of Greenplum. – Paul White Oct 1 '15 at 3:19

It is failing because the function is executing in the segment* that the row is in, and the segments do not have access to the wider database so it can't select out.

* A segment is a node in a distributed database, like a single server in a cluster of servers. The data is spread out over multiple servers, and in a select from a table, a single server runs the function, but that server doesn't have access to the other servers.

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