Given the following table

    `_id`   INTEGER,
    `thread_id` INTEGER,
    `address`   TEXT,
    `person`    INTEGER,
    `date`  INTEGER,
    `protocol`  INTEGER,
    `read`  INTEGER DEFAULT 0,
    `status`    INTEGER DEFAULT -1,
    `type`  INTEGER,
    `reply_path_present`    INTEGER,
    `subject`   TEXT,
    `body`  TEXT,
    `service_center`    TEXT,
    PRIMARY KEY(_id)

I'd like to delete all rows where address and body are identical. In other words, eliminate dups based on address and body, leaving only the first occurrence.

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If you just want to disambiguate two rows with similar content, you can use the ROWID functionality in SQLite3, which helps uniquely identify each row in the table.

Something like this:

DELETE FROM sms WHERE rowid NOT IN (SELECT min(rowid) FROM sms GROUP BY address, body);

should work to get you the rows with the minimum rowid, which will be the first occurrence of that row in the table.

Be sure to run this in a transaction however, to make sure that it does exactly what you want, and of course, take a backup beforehand. =)


SQLite has had window functions since 3.25.0 which are extremely cool, a bit tricky to grasp, and useful for this task.

You can do something like:

delete from sms
where rowid in (
  select rowid
  from (
      row_number() over (
        partition by address, body
        -- order by some_expression
        ) as n
    from sms
  where n > 1

Less compact but potentially more powerful than normal group by.

You could factor out the innermost select into a view if you wanted to check its behaviour before running delete!

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