Is there a measure of time frame as to which the execution plan of inline queries will cached?


There is an algorithm (will find it), but practically it will stay there:

  • while being used (Edit: See AdaTheDev's answer)
  • until statistics update (also implied by index rebuild)
  • until definition changes (including whitespace and case)
  • SQL instance restart
  • until severe memory pressure

SQL Server 2008 article

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    The stats update will invalidate the plan, but doesn't immediately remove it bizarrely.
    – Andrew
    Feb 4 '10 at 12:19
  • yes, seen that. also ALTER PROC (get "definition has been changed or similar' error).
    – gbn
    Feb 4 '10 at 12:25

As gbn said, there is an algorithm. Just to add that the length of time a plan will be cached for also relates to how valuable a plan is deemed to be and how often it is used (if it's a higher value plan, and it keeps getting used then it's value is very high so will be more likely to be held for longer than other plans)


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