I have the following tables:

surveys            properties   owners_properties        owners
---+------------   ----------   ------------+---------   ------
id | property_id   id           property_id | owner_id   id

I want to find the count of surveys that have more than one property owners.

Here is a rough stab:

JOIN properties ON surveys.property_id = properties.id 
JOIN owners_properties...
HAVING count(properties.id > 1);
  • So you are using Postgres? ([psql] is the tag for the command line interface.) What do you get for SELECT version();? And by "more than one property owners", do you really mean "more than one distinct property owners"? Dec 30 '15 at 7:25

You are close. In SQL Server, you have to GROUP BY before you state HAVING. Personally, I would do something like this

    SELECT COUNT(id) Surveys_w_2_LandOwners
    FROM surveys s
            SELECT COUNT(1),property_id
            FROM owners_properties
            GROUP BY property_id
            HAVING COUNT(1) > 1
        ) p ON p.property_id=s.property_id

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