I'm needing to work with tables whose names start with numbers. For example, in the crs_1973 schema there is a table called 2015_04_21. I know that when the table name is made up of numbers, I must double quote it to work with it, for example, SELECT * FROM crs_1973."2015_04_21"; (this works for me). However, I want to extract information about this table from the PostgreSQL information_schema. Specifically, I need the data types of the columns in the table 2015_04_21,

I have tried this query with a table whose name starts with a letter and it produces the desired result:

SELECT column_name, data_type
FROM   information_schema.columns
WHERE  table_name = 'some_table_name_that_starts_with_a_letter'
ORDER  BY ordinal_position;

However, when I run this query with the tables whose names begin with a number, it does not. For example:

WHERE  table_name = 'crs_1973.2015_04_21'

does not work. Nor does:

WHERE  table_name = 'crs_1973'.'2015_04_21'
WHERE  table_name = 'crs_1973'."2015_04_21"
WHERE  table_name = 'crs_1973'.'"2015_04_21"'

etc. How do I make this query work for a table name that starts with a number? Is this possible?

There are tables called "2015_04_21" in several different schemas so I need to pass a qualified table name to the query.


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@ypercube's solution (in the comments above):

SELECT column_name, data_type
FROM   information_schema.columns
WHERE table_schema = 'crs_1973' AND
table_name = '2015_04_21'
ORDER  BY ordinal_position;

worked perfectly. I'm writing it up here so that I can accept the answer.

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