I want to install DB2 10.5.6 DPF on my VMWare windows machine. I manually created the response files (both the server.rsp and addpart.rsp files).

When it came time to perform the server install, I issued the following on the DB2 command line: ./db2setup -l db2server_installlog.txt -t db2server_installtrace.txt -r db2server.rsp

What happened is that instead of the above command installing DB2 silently and unattended, the DB2 Install wizard and the attendant GUI is invoked and I am invited to make the very same choices that produced the the response files that I am trying to use in the first place!!

Can anyone help explain the strange behavior that I have on my hand? I have installed DB2 unattended with response files before now with no issues. The difference with this install is that I am trying to see if I can install DB2 with Data Partitioning Feature on a trial basis for educational purposes only. Could not having a valid license or officially endorsed trial DB2 DPF version be the cause of the weird install behavior?

Any and all assistance will be highly appreciated.




You will need to use the wizard to install DB2 at least on the primary partition/system of the partitioned database system. See here for the instructions. Thereafter you can use a response file to set up the other partitions. The steps for using a response file mention as a requirement that the primary computer has been set up using the wizard.

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