I'm looking for some example or sample databases (sales / production / employee / sports / Etc) to test my skills on other systems. So far my skills are limited to one sector education and i want to branch out see if the skill I've learned can be applied easily to other markets.

Ideally they would be large data sets. I can't seem to find any myself that are free or of any use. Format isn't much of an issue as i have used most forms of SQL, etc.

Thanks in advance.

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For SQL Server, here are a few options that may be useful:


For MySQL, there are sample databases used (frequently in examples) and they are to be found here (rather confusingly) in the "documentation" section, under "other docs" - here. I'm afraid that I can't help with SQL Server, but I'm sure that there are others here who can.

  • Example Databases Title Download DB HTML Setup Guide PDF Setup Guide
  • employee data (large dataset, includes data and test/verification suite) Launchpad
  • world database
  • sakila database
  • menagerie database

You might also want to check out my reply here to a poster who was looking for NoSQL datasets (shouldn't make a difference whether it's NoSQL or not).


The Transaction Processing Performance Council publishes free of charge all its current benchmark documentation, which includes database schemas and tools to populate them. They are designed to be database-agnostic, so you can deploy them on pretty much any database platform.

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