Here is the situation:

DB on Server A had the transaction log shipping configured and uses Server B as secondary. It has been working well for a long time.

However, we recently detected that one of the trn files got corrupted and Server B cannot restore it.

DB on Server A is still healthy, so I would like to create a new full backup into Server B and restart the transaction log shipping.

Since all the timings and other settings were already tweaked and configured, I am trying to avoid starting from scratch.

What step would i need to follow in order to reinitialize the log shipping? (This is a SQL Servert 2008 R2)

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  1. Disable the log shipping jobs on both servers.
  2. Back up the database on Server A.
  3. Restore the database with the backup you just created and with norecovery on Server B.
  4. Re-enable the log shipping jobs on both servers.
  • Actually I figured it out before reading your answer. Anyway, Thanks for the info.
    – Zahmatra
    Oct 15, 2015 at 2:35

In my situation, I have an existing full backup from last night and all the log files have already been shipped to the secondary server. It's just out of sync.

Can I: 1. copy the existing full backup to the secondary server. 2. disable the log shipping on both servers. 3. Restore with no-recovery and include all the log files on the secondary. 4. Re-enable the log shipping jobs.

Seems like that should work but I've never tried it.

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