I am trying to track down some behaviour issues in our software which seem to dependent on the version of SQL Server Native Client in use. I have version 2011.110.2100.60 (aka 11.00.2100) but our client has 2011.110.5058.00 (aka 11.00.5058). I've been around the house on Microsoft websites, including MSDN, but I can't find a version more recent than the one I have.

Is there a reliable repository of the different versions of the installer (sqlncli.msi) for testing purposes, or a guide to which versions are bundled with other products?


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SQL Server version 11.00.5058 is SQL 2012 SP2, so you need to download Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SP2 Feature Pack

There are several places where you can look up the exact version of a build number. Personally I use sqlserverbuilds but there are others.

Once you find the name of the build you can use that to google and it may lead you to the correct version of the installer or feature pack you need.

If you click download on that page it takes you to a list of packages you can select that looks like this:

enter image description here


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