Primary database is installed on RHEL 6.1. Standby database software is installed on RHEL 7.0. I am trying to add new standby database by using Grid Control. Database versions are same Below error shows up.

I was able to add standby database on RHEL 6.1 using same method.

I used the following link to install ORACLE on RHEL 7.0. Does it have anything to do with oracle group gid is different than RHEL 6.1? On RHEL 7.0, I used oinstall(54321) dba(54322) oper(54323) for gids. On RHEL 6.1, I used oinstall(501) dba(502) oper(503). If it doesnt matter, what should i do?

  • is not supported on RHEL 7. Version is the only release in the 11.2 branch that is.
    – durette
    Jul 12 '17 at 20:55

I was able to resolve the issue by executing root.sh file in the AGENT_HOME folder. I think it was permission issue, I guess.


The guid and uid must match on both systems as well as any user folder permission privileges. Otherwise you will have issues like you describe.

  • Thanks for the useful answer. It might be even more helpful if you could describe why this works and how it would help
    – Tom V
    Nov 4 '15 at 8:35

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