I have two MySQL databases called LIVE and REPORTS on the same server.

I want to copy the LIVE database and all its contents into the REPORTS database everyday at a specific time frame between 1 am and 5 am.

How could I do this automatically?

  • Why not replicate to a reports machine - unless you have the dbs on different disks?
    – Vérace
    Commented Nov 4, 2015 at 13:04

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You can setup second mysql instance with replication. If you need to "copy" only during certain time period, you may choose to cron a script which will start and stop replication according to the time. Again you can only choose to replicate-do-db certain databases as well.


The following command should do the trick:

mysqldump --create-options --complete-insert -u *username* -p*password* LIVE > mysql -u *username* -p*password* REPORTS

If you are using Linux, you can add a line to /etc/crontab as follows:

# m h dom mon dow user  command
  * 1  *   *   *  root  mysqldump --create-options --complete-insert -u *username* -p*password* LIVE > mysql -u *username* -p*password* REPORTS  

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