I would like to know how to use multiple order columnes with case. For example case 1, order by FirstName, GivenName case 2 order by GivenName, FirstName.

I tried this, but it looks like the colon introduce an error

Order by case when 1 then FirstName, GivenName else GivenName, FirstName end


Case is supposed to return one value, not a tuple. Beside, you should compare 1 with something. If you want conditional ordering you can do that with two case statements:

Order by case when x = 1 then FirstName else GivenName end
       , case when x = 1 then GivenName else FirstName end
  • Excelente.... It worked.... All that I needed was to use two separate case statements whitin order by – otrovagomas Nov 4 '15 at 18:14

For multiple conditional ORDER BY statements:

ORDER BY CASE category WHEN 0 THEN concat(cName,', ',bName) END DESC,
         CASE category WHEN 1 THEN concat(aName,', ',bName,', ',cName) END DESC,
         CASE category WHEN 2 THEN concat(bName,', ',aName,', ',cName) END DESC";

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