I have a query which return me two dimension data:

SELECT POINT(value , extract(EPOCH FROM datetime)) AS pseudo_geom
FROM table

gaves me


What I would like to do is to convert these data into a path type to be able to simplificate through ST_Simplify which accept a geometry type.

My goal is actually to reduce the number of points to display on a graph.

I tried with the path function and playing around with point(), string_agg() and grouping my data, with no result...

What could be the easiest and shortest way to do this?

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I finally solved this using this scheme (not as simple as firstly expected):

SELECT ST_X(geom) as value, ST_Y(geom) as datetime from (
    select (ST_DumpPoints(simplifiedLine)).* as g1 from (
        SELECT ST_Simplify(ST_MakeLine(the_geom.resulted), 15) as simplifiedLine FROM (
            SELECT ST_MakePoint(value, extract(EPOCH FROM datetime)) as resulted FROM table 
            ORDER BY datetime ASC
        ) as the_geom
    ) as g   
) as pt

Hope that will help others.


In PostGIS a path is called line.

You can use ST_MakeLine to conncat your points to a line. So extend your query with somthinge like:

SELECT ST_Simplify(ST_MakeLine(POINT(value , extract(EPOCH FROM datetime)))) AS simplified_line
FROM table;

You should consider to define an order by clause.

  • Thanks for the track with ST_MakeLine! However I got `Error: the function st_makeline(point) does not exists. Commented Nov 6, 2015 at 16:25

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