I have a PostgreSQL 9.4 Database running on my CentOS 7 Server.

This database has only ever been available to users on the LAN, however recently I needed to make it available to users outside the LAN which I did using port forwarding for port 5432 on the server using our Netgear ADSL Router.

My PostgreSQL database has been configured


listen_addresses = '*'


host   dbname   usname   all   md5

Everything seems to be working fine, the users can access the database from the internet however there are several times during the day where they cannot connect.

When I check the logs it's always when I see the message

FATAL canceling authentication due to timeout

Why is this? Do I need to add further configurations to accommodate this?

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    Seems more like a network issue than an RDBMS issue. Nov 7, 2015 at 15:42


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