My package has the following two tasks which run in parallel. enter image description here

DF - Move source data to target loads a copy of all source data to target via OLEDB Dest - Target and also loads a copy of source PK values to a staging table via OLEDB Dest - SourceRowsToDelete. The staging data is used by ExecSQL - Delete Source Data to delete all source data in parallel.

The OLEDB Dest - SourceRowsToDelete destination always completes before the OLEDB Dest - Target destination.

enter image description here

ExecSQL - Delete Source Data deletes all source data using the following SQL

FROM    [Source].dbo.[SourceData] sd
        [Source].dbo.SourceRowsToDelete s
        ON  sd.ID = s.ID

If the rows to be moved are currently in the buffers, have been written to the [source].dbo.sourcerowstodelete table and subsequently deleted from source but not yet fully written to target. Other than me stopping the package and dropping the buffers, is there any other way that they won't make it to the target?

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