i am running oracle SE RAC on Red Hat linux 6, the database is using ASM for datafile management

i have been experimenting with turning on AMM and set the following parameters

alter system set pga_aggregate_target='0' scope=spfile sid='*';
alter system set sga_target='0' scope=spfile sid='*';
alter system set memory_max_target='8G' scope=spfile sid='*';
alter system set memory_target='8G' scope=spfile sid='*';

but now i wanted to turn off AMM on the instances and database, but when i make the required changes

alter system set pga_aggregate_target=2G scope=spfile sid='*';
alter system set sga_target=6G scope=spfile sid='*';
alter system set memory_max_target=0 scope=spfile sid='*';
alter system set memory_target=0 scope=spfile sid='*';

i receive this error when starting the instance

SQL> startup pfile='?/dbs/initdev12.ora';
ORA-00843: Parameter not taking MEMORY_MAX_TARGET into account
ORA-00849: SGA_TARGET 6442450944 cannot be set to more than MEMORY_MAX_TARGET 0.
ORA-01078: failure in processing system parameters

if i set the MEMORY_MAX_TARGET back to 8G i can start the database but my parameters now look like this

NAME                                 TYPE        VALUE
------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
lock_sga                             boolean     FALSE
pre_page_sga                         boolean     FALSE
sga_max_size                         big integer 6G
sga_target                           big integer 6G
SQL> show parameter memory

NAME                                 TYPE        VALUE
------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
hi_shared_memory_address             integer     0
memory_max_target                    big integer 8208M
memory_target                        big integer 0
shared_memory_address                integer     0
SQL> show parameter pga

NAME                                 TYPE        VALUE
------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
pga_aggregate_target                 big integer 2G

any ideas what i'm doing wrong?

cheers dave

  • You stored our changes into spifile, but you use initdev12.ora to start the database. What is in this file?
    – ibre5041
    Nov 12, 2015 at 11:08
  • the initdev12.ora file points to the spfile on the ASM disk, SPFILE='+DATA/dev1/spfiledev1.ora' i am using this so i can debug the problem as the usual srvctl was not giving very useful messages. Nov 12, 2015 at 11:24

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In case one does not want to use AMM MEMORY_MAX_TARGET setting has to be not set at all:

alter system reset memory_target;
alter system reset memory_max_target;
  • perfect, this did the job! Nov 12, 2015 at 14:46

Please note that you are trying to start the DB from (using the) pfile, where you changed values in spfile using commands:

  1. You can edit pfile and set following parameters to 0

    • memory_target
    • memory max target
  2. Then set following values

    • sga_max_size
    • sga_target
    • pga_aggregate_target
  3. Shutdown all instance and bring up one by one using pfile

  4. Create a new spfile: create spfile from pfile;

  5. Start all the instances

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