I took a backups of a few db's on server A (2008R2), Then restored it to server B (2012).

One database had TDE enable, so I disabled it, took a back up then proceeded to server B. The other database, was left with TDE on during the backup, and the restore was yet successful on server B,

-- In order to complete this restore I had to Remove the target database from any availability groups. Restore the database to the destination server from the backup source server db that was taken. Set restored database to the FULL RECOVERY MODEl Take a full backup of the new database Add the database back to the availability group --

At this point, when I try to now take backups of both of databases that were recently restored to server (B), I get the following error:

BACKUP Detected Corruption in the database log.

Any ideas?

  • Have you tried running dbcc checkdb on server A? – Learning_DBAdmin Dec 3 at 16:40

I recommend that you leave TDE on and restore the encryption key on the second sql server. Restore the backups and get everything working normally. If the restore succeeds and DBCC CHECKDB succeeds on both databases on the second server with no errors then on the second server disable TDE.

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