I'm using non-install version of mysql5.1 on Windows. I have placed "mysql" folder under c:\ and it seems to work fine.

But when I try C:\>mysql\bin\mysqldump.exe -u root -p mydatabase > c:\>mydatabase.sql from command prompt it doesn't work and gives back only Access Denied. (It doesn't even ask to enter the password.)

How can I use mysqldump from windows command prompt?


it permissions conflict when try create file -


create new folder c:\backup, change string to

C:\>mysql\bin\mysqldump.exe -u root -p mydatabase > c:\backup\mydatabase.sql

I think it just mistake when type there -


it is also not correct, correct:


correct, but still will return error, right way - create folder

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  • I just created the folder and it worked! Yes it was a typo ;) Thank you! – Sona7 Nov 17 '15 at 15:57

Well that appears the correct way as far as you're using right path to binary mysqldump!

Can you confirm if you can login (and it behaves well?): mysql -uroot -p

Not sure if there are some security issues! Run the command prompt as administrator and attempt to run the mysqldump again.

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