Our data is loaded daily. My report can be run, using a parameter, for any number of sites (100 is the total number of sites) and I want it to cache a temporary copy of the report and expire it on a schedule - a schedule that is triggered at the end of our daily load. This is simple.

Where it gets complicated is I have a cache refresh plan to pre-load the cache for all 100 sites. I need to make sure the cache expires before this plan runs - a plan that is tied to a schedule I want to trigger at the end of our load.

If I trigger the jobs, in order, at the end of the load, they are effectively triggered together, so I would like to understand what happens on the system level when SSRS expires a cache so that I can ensure the refresh occurs after the expiration. Is there a value in one of the ReportServer tables that is changed or a row deleted?

For what it's worth, this is what I am seeing in my testing (the cache is successfully pre-loaded), but I would like to understand the technical architecture to give myself a better comfort level before using this in production.


I see that it's an old thread but you can essentially have different Shared Schedules to expire and refresh the cache executed in that order to solve the problem.

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