So, I have two tables, tblOwners and tblNonOwners. These tables are filled with users. I need a third table that keeps track of if any one user has 'seen' any other user from the other.

What I though is having a tblSeen that has three records, the userID who is using the app, and the profileID that the user has seen/not seen, and a boolean fldSeen as 0 or 1.

How would I populate these tables automatically? I could create records for each user that signs up, but how do I create a record for every single relationship?

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Solved this after some clever googling.

The Query is

INSERT INTO tblSeen(UserID, ProfileId)
SELECT 'some_user', pmkID FROM tblOwners

This will create as many rows as it can and fill it out, so I just have to do this when the user goes to the page.

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