We are moving out of our current dataserver based on Santiago, Chile to Amazon (AWS) in North Carolina, all other servers have been successfully migrated with no problem, but our "migration consultant / provider" has been struggling migrating our Postgresql server for weeks no with no relevant progress.

Our database is about 700GB big, and they seem to have speed / bandwidth problems, but I'm guessing there's much more than that.

They are actually using a product named "Double Take" to achieve the migration, but I've just read about Slony in another question when I started writing this.

Is there any way to track down / measure daily changes in database content? Thousands of records are added and several others are expired on a daily basis.

Any suggestions on perfecting the migration process would be appreciated.

  • Are you moving to RDS or to PostgreSQL on a 'custom' ec2 instance? Are you allowed to have downtime? – dezso Nov 20 '15 at 23:10
  • @dezso to a custom ec2 instance as a straightforward migration to RDS adds extra complexitity due to user management and security policies in AWS. Regarding downtime: hopefully not, but if neccessary, we can afford one of Max 30 mins I guess – Gonzalo Vasquez Nov 21 '15 at 21:50
  • I might be missing some information so can you please elaborate on that a bit? What's the problem with setting up ec2 as a replica using log shipping (either internal or third-party, doesn't matter) and just switch over whenever appropriate? On custom ec2 that should be easy. Also with the mentioned workload I don't see a reason to have bandwidth problems in replication unless those records are in gigabyte scale. – Károly Nagy Nov 23 '15 at 12:17
  • @KárolyNagy I tried a manual migration to RDS as a proof of concept, but due to user/privileges that we have in use and the restrictions imposed by that environment. – Gonzalo Vasquez Nov 23 '15 at 13:51
  • @KárolyNagy Regarding migration vi "log shipping" can you please point me to hints on such, as I'm not aware on such. Haven't measured the daily basis change, but might be around the GBs. – Gonzalo Vasquez Nov 23 '15 at 13:53

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