I have tried almost every solution on the internet however I still cannot fix this problem. I cannot login as sysdba every time I try SQL>connect /as sysdba I get the error ERROR:ORA-01031: insufficient privileges.

My account is in ora_dba group. I'm using oracle 10g. I'm new to database so I really don't know what to do.


I assume that you run this on the server that hosts the database and that you have set the ORACLE_SID to the one of the database that you want to access. You must run the orapwd application. This generates a file that holds the password. Check the documentation for the exact syntax. It depends a bit on the OS on which you host the database.

  • I think I know what the problem is it might be a permission problem because when I try to login to sqlplus gui It disappears after I hit enter. I can only use it if I run it as administrator. I'm using windows 10 btw. Do you think the two problems are related? I was also able to login as sysdba and use the sqlplus gui a while ago but now I'm suddenly facing this problem.
    – Sarah_b
    Nov 26 '15 at 4:27
  • I do not know Windows 10 and I have no experience with hosting Oracle on Windows. It might be that the user with the 'problem' does not have permission to read the $ORACLE_HOME//dbs directory. To logon the way you do you need to have access to the orapwSID file.
    – Marco
    Nov 26 '15 at 7:23

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