I am working on tidying up our log back up Jobs (Sql 2008r2 ), which have grown into a bit of a mess!

I am setting up a trn log back up job to a remote folder for each day ( in this example called Monday). I then plan to set a backup device to each folder with a filename of [DAYNAME]logs.trn eg Mondaylogs.trn

My plan is that the maintenance job will back up 5 production databases ( database A B C D E) log files every 15 minutes to the back up device file Mondaylogs.trn

The one thing I just want to confirm is, if I want to restore to a point in time on a Monday for just one of the database (let us say database B) I will be to achieve this from the single file Mondaylogs.trn?

If I am incorrect do I have to set up devices MondaylogsA.trn MondaylogsB.trn and so on?


Whenever you want to restore a backup/log from a file which has more than 1 file inside, you can always select the file you want to restore for example

{RESTORE LOG AdventureWorks FROM DISK = 'C:\AdventureWorks.TRN' WITH NORECOVERY, FILE = 1 GO}enter image description here

  • Hi many thanks I thought so BUT better safe than Sorry! – Ian W Dec 1 '15 at 7:27

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