I am setting up a lab for testing automatic failover for SQL Server

I have a 2 node WSFC (SQL-CLUSTER-TEST-01) with the nodes

  • SQL-TEST-01
  • SQL-TEST-02

A listener SQL-HA-GRP-01

My initial testing is to just power off either of the nodes (virtual machines). It it failing correctly in one direction - SQL-TEST-01 to SQL-TEST-02. But when SQL-TEST-02 is the primary and I pull the power on it, the availability group goes into a permanent "resolving" state which I can only resolve by powering on SQL-TEST-02.

When I check the logs or try to view the properties of the availability group it says the quorum was lost.

What am I missing?

  • What quorum mode is configured for the WSFC? – user507 Dec 30 '15 at 23:08

Were you able to get this sorted out?

If not , try the following:

  • Go to the Failover Cluster Manager ( cluadmin.msc from Run).
  • Expand the Cluster name ( Expand meaning click on the + sign ).
  • Expand Services and Applications. You should now see your Availability Group listed there.
  • R-click on that and go to Properties.
  • In the General Tab you should see Preferred Owners.

Since you've mentioned this to be a lab environment, play around with the options ( by selecting both or alternating selection of preferred owners ) and see where that gets you. Also the tab next to General would specify if you need it to fail back. Post back with results.

  • Also confirm your quorum voting is set up correctly. – Henrico Bekker May 9 '17 at 16:22

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