I have created a PDB using Database Configuration Assistant.Is there a way I can look at where the data files got created? I did not get the option in DBCA to specify my data file.

Thanks in advance


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Here is one of the options:

Connect to the CDB and query cdb_data_files and cdb_pdbs data dictionary views

select file_name
  from cdb_data_files cdf
       join cdb_pdbs p
          on (cdf.con_id = p.con_id)
where p.pdb_name = '<container_name>'

Note: cdb_pdbs data dictionary view doesn't show root container - only pdbs associated with the current cdb. If there is a need to see all pdbs including cdb query v$containersview.


The below query list all the datafiles and you can see the datafiles related to pdb with pdb name in their path.

Select name from v$datafile

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