I am running into a problem now, i have an oracle database that is stored inside a server and now because of the sudden blackout the c drive is messed up. The drive is partitioned, windows on c and oracle on drive e.

The oracle installation folder is fine on E:\app. Now i have to restore that database on the another server to get it running. The problem is i cant boot windows on that drive.

Anybody can help me on restoring the database from oracle installation folder ? I know i cant run rman because rman can only be run from command line only which i cant run it now.


First off, you would want to install a new instance somewhere—possibly on the same host.

Then you would need to mount the control file (the path to the control file can be specified by setting the control_files parameter value in pfile).

Once you've mounted the control file with alter database mount, you can use RMAN to identify the data (temp, undo) files' location with report schema command.

You would also need to identify the undo files' location. Use V$LOGFILE view.

If you want to move the files around before opening the database, use RENAME FILE .. TO .. clause of the ALTER DATABASE statement.

When you're done with all these tasks, you can try to open the database.

SQL> alter database open;

See also.

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