When I run the script

DBCC CHECKIDENT ('table name', RESEED, 20000)

the output of the message is

Checking identity information: current identity value '200000', current
column value '200000'. DBCC Execution completed. If DBCC printed error
messages, contact your system administrator.

When I query the identity value by running


it is showing up as 200000 as expected, however, when the developer inserts records into the table, it's not using the new reseeded value.

Is there something obvious I'm missing?


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It turns out after multiple conversations with the developers of this application using the table that there was a 'hidden' stored procedure that was grabbing the maximum value of the ID column in the table and adding an arbitrary number to it then issuing an IDENTITY_INSERT statement resulting in the newly reseeded value.


To long for a comment but, if you look a few pages down in the MSDN entry you will see the following:

enter image description here

It looks like the second option is unlikely in your case but is the first a possibility?


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