This is table.

  id integer NOT NULL DEFAULT nextval('sq_streams'::regclass),
  created_at timestamp with time zone NOT NULL DEFAULT now(),
  updated_at timestamp with time zone NOT NULL DEFAULT now(),
  exid text NOT NULL,
  owner_id integer NOT NULL,
  is_public boolean NOT NULL,
  config json NOT NULL,
  name text NOT NULL,
  last_polled_at timestamp with time zone DEFAULT now(),
  is_online boolean,
  timezone text,
  last_online_at timestamp with time zone DEFAULT now(),
  location geography(Point,4326),
  mac_address macaddr,
  model_id integer,
  discoverable boolean NOT NULL DEFAULT false,
  preview bytea,
  thumbnail_url text,
  CONSTRAINT pk_streams PRIMARY KEY (id)

that config object is of type json and containing json data inside it as well.

i have 5000 records in this. What i am trying to get is , There are 57 Cameras and they have everything different but 3 things are same. which are

'external_http_port', config->> 'external_host', config-> 'snapshots'->> 'jpg'

I want to create a query which will show me results as

external_http_port | external_host | config-> 'snapshots'->> 'jpg' | Count
""     | "1024"        |      "/oneshotimage.jpg"      | 57
""   |  "81"         |"/onvif/media_service/snapshot"|20

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I think you just want a simple group by query, using the 3 expressions that get data out of the json column:

    config->>'external_http_port' as external_http_port, 
    config->>'external_host'      as external_host, 
    config->'snapshots'->>'jpg'   as jpg,
    count(*)                      as count
group by 
-- having                              -- to show only those 
--     count(*) > 1                    -- with count > 1

Tested in SQLfiddle.

  • it is showing count 1 as well, what if i just want all those whom have count more than 1? Dec 18, 2015 at 11:33
  • add HAVING COUNT(*) > 1 Dec 18, 2015 at 11:47

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