We have to load a number of huge tables using Load From cursor. The query formed for the same is a dynamic query as the column names are to be specified. we do the same using the below code in a procedure

For Mcnt As Mcur Cursor For 
  Select Di_tablename From file_mapping  Order By Id      

   For Mcnt1 As Mcur1 Cursor For Select Column_name  From Sysibm.Columns  Where Table_name=di_tablename 
       Set v_colquery = v_colquery || Column_name || ',' ;   
   End For;           

   Set v_colquery = Substr(v_colquery, 1, Length(v_colquery)-1);

 set v_sql ='LOAD FROM (SELECT '|| v_colquery || ' FROM ' || Di_tablename  || ' ) OF CURSOR INSERT INTO ' || Di_tablename || '_LOG  ( ' || v_colquery || ') NONRECOVERABLE';
call admin_cmd(v_sql);   

 END for;

The first round in loop executes just fine. But when it comes to the second it gives the below error.

The cursor specified in a FETCH statement or CLOSE statement is not open or a cursor variable in a cursor scalar function reference is not open.. SQLCODE=-501, SQLSTATE=24501, DRIVER=4.18.60

All the cursors are implicit cursors(do correct me if i am wrong). Unclear as to which cursor is being referenced and what exactly the issue is.

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    Also if i comment the Call to ADMIN_CMD it runs without any issue.
    – rrrohanb
    Dec 25, 2015 at 5:02
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    COMMIT closes the cursor. You don't need that commit anyway, because the LOAD utility is not under transaction control.
    – mustaccio
    Dec 25, 2015 at 15:33
  • Thanks it worked!! Any issues if I use cursor with hold? There are other statements that I will need to call in the same loop of this works fine..
    – rrrohanb
    Dec 25, 2015 at 20:36

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It was because of Commit while using Cursor.

Adding WITH HOLD to the cursor definition resolved the Issue.

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