I have three Mysql Servers, Server-1, Server-2 and Server-3 all running on Windows. I have to configure Master-Master replication on Server-2 and Server-3.

But Server-2 has to be a mirror of Server-1. I have configured binlog on server-1. So I basically need a cron job that can run daily and ftp all the bin-logs created by Server-1 to the system having Server-2 and execute the queries from these binlogs on Server-2. Once the Server-2 gets into the same state as Server-1, I want all the bin logs to be deleted.

How should I do that.

  • why not set the replication and introduce the delay in replication of say 24 hours...SQL_Delay is the parameter that would be used. what's the challenge of not using that one? – Nawaz Sohail Jan 1 '16 at 12:40

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