In SSMS I have this

:SETVAR DBSrvrInst MyDatabase
:connect  ADMIN:$(DBSrvrInst)

In the Messages tab I get

Connecting to ADMIN:$(DBSrvrInst)...

The variable isn't being replaced. But if I do this and remove the constant

:SETVAR DBSrvrInst MyDatabase
:connect  $(DBSrvrInst)

In the Messages tab I get

Connecting to MyDatabase...

The variable is replaced correctly. How do I get this to work

:SETVAR DBSrvrInst MyDatabase
:connect  ADMIN:$(DBSrvrInst)

I would even be ok with using the port but that doesn't work either

:SETVAR DBSrvrInst MyDatabase
:connect  $(DBSrvrInst),1434

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


How about just placing the ADMIN: text in the variable? eg

:setvar DBSrvrInst ADMIN:.\sql2014

:connect $(DBSrvrInst)
  • That would work, but my goal is to connect using the Dedicated Admin Connection to kill some processes using a workload group. Then drop the workload. And then reconnect not using the DAC. – AWEInCA Jan 3 '16 at 5:22
  • You did give me an idea to just use two variables. The additional one having the ADMIN: prefix as you suggested. That will probably work, but it seems strange the token replacement for :connect ADMIN:$(DBSrvrInst) doesn't work. I'll mark your answer correct after I have a chance to try this. Thanks for your reply. – AWEInCA Jan 3 '16 at 5:41

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