I have a Dim table that called DimAccounts. It is describing a User account and the dates that the account has been created. for Example:

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I would like to get the list of accounts that have been created on the last 6 month Dynamically. For example today is the 09\01\2016. So my list of accounts will be the accounts created from the 01-08-2015 until 09-01-2016. Notice that this CreatedOn field does not have a hierarchy and it is an attribute of the accounts dimension .


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Assuming you have properly set the ValueColumn property of your CreatedOn attribute in your dimension (so that MemberValue comes back a date data type) then the following should work:

select {[Measures].[Your Measure Here]} on 0,
[DimAccounts].[AccountPK].[AccountPK].Members on 1
from [Your Cube]
where {
  ,[DimAccounts].[CreatedOn].CurrentMember.MemberValue > DateAdd("m",-6,Now())

Or if you want to create a named set so that any user can just drop it on rows, put this in the calculations tab of your cube designer:

CREATE SET CurrentCube.[Accounts Created In Last 6 Months]
  ,[DimAccounts].[CreatedOn].CurrentMember.MemberValue > DateAdd("m",-6,Now())
  • thanks for your answer! , My solution was to add a flag column to the table that will show 1 if an account created in past 6 month or not. your solution Helps me a lot also :) Commented Jan 21, 2016 at 17:03

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