I have a sp3 to apply on SQL Server 2008 R2 on windows 2008 R2 cluster with four nodes and 6 instances. Node 4 do not have any resources but is possible owner for all the instances.

Steps I am planing

  1. remove node 4 as possible owner for all SQL related resources

  2. reboot node 4, apply sp3, reboot node 4

  3. put back node 4 as possible owner for all node 1 SQL resources

  4. failover node 1 resources to node 4

  5. repeat step 2 for node 1

  6. repeat step 3 for node 1

  7. failover node 4 resources back to node 1

  8. put back node 4as possible owner for all node 2 SQL resources

  9. repeat step 4 for node 2

  10. repeat steps 5,6,7 for node 2

  11. repeat steps 4,5,6,7 for node

Please verify and confirm or correct my steps.

I guess sp3 + cumulative update for 6 instances per node around 1.5 hrs

Thanks in advance


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I would make a slight modification to the procedure to reduce the number of failovers:

  1. Remove Nodes 3 and 4 from the list of possible owners for each SQL Server Cluster Instance, leaving Nodes 1 and 2 as possible owners to preserve failover capability while doing the rolling upgrade.
  2. Apply the Service Pack and latest Cumulative Update to nodes 3 and 4. Reboot as necessary.
  3. Make nodes 3 and 4 possible owners for all clustered instances.
  4. Failover the clustered instances to either node 3 or 4.
  5. Remove nodes 1 and 2 from the list of possible owners.
  6. Apply the Service Pack and latest Cumulative Update to nodes 1 and 2. Reboot as necessary.
  7. Add nodes 1 and 2 back in as possible owners.
  8. Leave the instances on node 3 or 4, or fail them back to node 1, if desired.

Microsoft has documentation providing more details if required.

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