I need a simple check for identifying that I am connected to a MongoDB config server.

I can check the process to differentiate between mongod and mongos:

> db.serverStatus().process;

Now I make an assumption that config server is the one without a replica set name, but it would not always hold true. I check that below returns a NULL value.

> db.serverStatus().repl.setName;

What is a better way to identify config server from mongod in a simple manner? This would be useful for custom prompt function based on the connection.


I found one way to do it.

On config server:

> db.serverCmdLineOpts().parsed.sharding.clusterRole

On shard server:

> db.serverCmdLineOpts().parsed.sharding.clusterRole

Have to be careful as db.serverCmdLineOpts().parsed.sharding.clusterRole is not always defined.

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