Earlier today I noticed that all my Azure SQL database servers where updated from v11 to v12. I am the only one in my company that should be touching those dials, but not the only person in my company with the access. Since I did not initiate this upgrade I would like to find out who did, and when this unplanned update occurred.

I know I could write an email to everyone in my company with the access asking WTF for information politely, but I'd rather start the conversation with as many facts as possible. Also, I'm inclined to think this was a Microsoft/Azure SNAFU, because upgrading all servers feels too deliberate.


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I believe this question was answered in the comments:

It is indeed MS Azure (since you did not do it). They send you an email that on this day, the Azure SQL database servers will be upgraded. - Kin

v12 has been GA since when? - Aaron Bertrand

since July 2015 I think. You're probably right that we just ran out of time. I found this article, which seems to confirm your suspicion: – Erik

The article linked in Erik's contribution is Stopping or Postponing an upgrade to SQL Database V12.


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