I have two MySQL(5.6) databases D1 and D2 on two different machines.
There is a table T1 on D1 and there are two tables T2A and T2B on D2.
I want to update T2B whenever T1 is updated.

T2A is a federated table and T1 is base table of it.
There is an "After Update" trigger on D2 which updates T2B whenever T2A is updated.

When there is an update on T2A, T2B table is updated by trigger.
When there is an update on T1, T2A table is updated by federation but the trigger to update T2B as well is not triggered.

So when there is an update on T1, T2B table is not updated automatically, only T2A is.
How to solve this?


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Federated tables are not transactional by nature, so you don't want to put a trigger on it. Alternative would be to put a trigger to post to another local table. See: Federated tables and triggers

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