here is the situation I fu*d up my mysql setup, before I did that I copied entire /var/lib/mysql directory to another location. Now fresh installation of mysql is back and I cannot restore my files.

If I simply drop files back to /var/lib/mysql, things get wired, for example I can see table names from mysql cli, when I try show tables but when I try to access a table I get message

Table '*' doesn't exist

Now this problems seems pretty common, I have searched all over Google and I understand that we cannot move InnoDB files just like that. There is InnoDB table counter and other other mystical stuff for me.

But one thing I cannot understand is I have all files that should contain all information about database, I'm talking about mysql/ directory inside /var/lib/, why is it so hard to recover database from that, and also is there any place other than /var/lib/mysql/ where InnoDB keeps information about database?

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