I thinks innodb_buffer_pool_size is specified in bytes, would typing in values with unit (i.e 1024MB or 1GB) work? Has anyone already tried this?


  • MySQL 5.6

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Using GB or MB wont work. However, any variable that you needs to be defined as a numeric value can use the shorthand byte suffixes K, M or G.

From the docs:

For variables that take a numeric value, the value can be given with a suffix of K, M, or G (either uppercase or lowercase) to indicate a multiplier of 1024, 1024^2 or 1024^3. (For example, when used to set max_allowed_packet, the suffixes indicate units of kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes.)


So, if you wanted 1024MB then you would use 1024M or 1G

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