Let's assume we have a simple database that has the following schema: Article(Id, Body, AuthorId) and Author(Id, Name). Suppose that we want to develop a page where each author will be able to view his own posts only. There is only one requirement:

  • When the author wants to see his posts, the SQL query should allow him to see a counter for each item, starting at 1.

Example Here's a simple set up: (1,"Hi",1), (2,"there",1), (3,"test",2), (4,"foo",1).

By executing some sort of SQL statement: `select count, body where authorid=1; we want to get: (1,"Hi",1), (2,"there",1), (3,"foo",1).

Question As you can see, the suggested statement wont work because count does not make sense yet. My question is, is there any way to assign a local count for each item to produce the result above?

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You can use ROW_NUMBER, like this:

FROM @Article AS A
WHERE authorid=1

Count                body
1                    Hi
2                    there
3                    foo
  • And if you return more than one author, OVER (PARTITION BY AuthorID ORDER BY ID). Feb 13, 2016 at 15:25

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