I have spOne which builds a couple of global temp tables with over 500 lines of code. Normally it would return a single result set but I wanted to leverage the code for building the temp tables without duplicating it. So, I added a @showResults param and if it equals 0 then it will build the temp tables but not execute a SELECT statement against them.

Now I have spTwo which calls spOne in the beginning with @showResults = 0 and then continues the work it has to do before returning a single result set.

In SSRS, I am trying to add spTwo as a data set but it is auto-detecting spOne's result set even though it would not be executed given the param input.

How do I add spTwo as an SSRS data set?


A representation of the stored procedures can be found here.

  • Have you tried deleting all the auto created fields and manually adding the fields of spTwo? – James Anderson Feb 18 '16 at 8:34
  • Yes I tried to add the fields manually. For some reason, after clicking OK, the data set does not get created. – SQL Hammer Feb 18 '16 at 13:12

I was able to add the data set by putting it into the XML manually, the GUI refused to save the change.

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