I have a few Stored Procedures for my application (DB2 V 9.7.3). I need to rebind the packages corresponding to the Stored Procedures. I wish to get having them recompiled inside a Stored Procedure by retrieving the package names via a Cursor and rebind the packages one by one.

The command to do is

REBIND PACKAGE <schema>.<pkgName>

To execute this command, I tried the following options but both of them failed.



Is there a way to get this accomplished? Any help would be highly appreciated.


There is a way to rebind the packages via the following routine

  • P -> stands for Stored Procedure
  • SCHEMA1.PROC1 -> stored procedure name with the schema
  • ANY -> an optional input argument supported for backward compatability. You can use ANY or CONSERVATIVE.

    Please refer these links for more information.



Note: Explicitly rebinding the associated package does not revalidate the routine. Revalidate an invalid routine by using automatic revalidation or explicitly by using the ADMIN_REVALIDATE_DB_OBJECTS procedure. Routine revalidation automatically rebinds the dependent package.

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