Users can upload lots of items and send them from processing. From the upload settings I can set a channel to which the uploaded items belong to. Channel is a separate entity. Currently I set the chosen channelfor each uploaded item. Having **Many To One** relationship betweenitemandchannel`.

There actually exists upload_process table as well. When upload is started, a process is created to capture any metadata and store the state of the running process.

Currently all the queries that deal with Items, directly use the channel_id from on the item itself, but all the items that are uploaded in one process always have the same channel.


  • User uploads 100 items and chooses Channel 1.
  • Upload process is created, storing information like process status, who uploaded, upload date...
  • When processing, each item channel is set to Channel 1.
  • I end up having 100 items with foreign keys pointing to Channel 1


Should I move the channel relationship to the upload_process entity and store that there instead of each individual item?

There are over 10 million items in the database. Currently there are max 2 joins on all the queries that deal with items and queries run max 2 seconds, adding another join table shouldn't hurt the performance that much.

What is better here design wise? Thanks!

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