I am trying to run an import operation into an Oracle 11G R2 database from a .dmp file using SQL Developer 4.1's Data Pump Import Wizard. I set everything up with IMMEDIATE start, but then the job first said it started executing and then said it is NOT RUNNING. The job's log file was not created, so I think it stopped upon starting, perhaps due to a bad parameter. How can I just delete this job altogether, so that I can start the wizard again without creating problems with a duplicate job?

I typed select * from SYS.DBA_DATAPUMP_JOBS; and found the job as the only one listed: JOB_NAME='IMPORT_JOB_SQLDEV_46'

And I google searched on the topic, but the only articles were many years old and did not give instructions which seem to work in modern SQL Developer. For example, I tried the steps in this link, but Ctrl-C does not seem to produce anything.

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You can drop export/import job using the following command First of all find the name of the job table under 'DataPump>Import Jobs or Export Jobs'.

enter image description here
Use the drop command to drop that table by the user who has created that import/export job. In my case it was created by SYSTEM user.

SQL>conn system/password
Table dropped.

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